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Gkrellfah2(gfah) is a local monitor and interface for the Linux Folding@Home client packaged as a plugin for GkrellM. Also available is a client/server version for monitoring remote machines using GkrellMD.   gfah collects status information on active work units for display and records info on completed work units in a local log file. It has the ability to actively control how much cpu time the F@H client actually uses, thereby reducing overall cpu utilization and possibly cpu temperature. The desktop version user interface includes a ControlPanel for ease of use.

Released under theGNU Public License.


    • Displays summary status on a one line text panel, with other gkrellm monitors. See left figure.
    • Supports a maximum of 8 monitors and each monitor has a ControlPanel popup via mouse button 1: See bottom figure.
    • Displays active work unit status via mouse tooltip: See right or center figure.
    • Desktop and Client versions feature Configuration Tabs inside Gkrellm's Configuration window. See Screenshots
    • Folding at home Team Statistics, Completed Workunit logs, CPU Utilization Control, and technical support.
    • Includes a Gkrellm desktop plugin, client plugin, and server plugin; all in one RPM package.
GKrellm in its GloryTooltip


  • Linux running on i386 architecture (note: this is the only architecture tested, it may work on other platforms)
  • GkrellM version 2.2.5 or higher.
  • Folding@Home version 5.0 or higher
  • wget - the http file fetching utility

screenshots of all the GUI panels.


The latest release is 1.1.0, go here to download
The plugin is being updated often, keep checking back for the latest version.


See the README for instructions on compiling and installing Gkrellfah2.  It is available as a source package, binary and source RPM and a debian *.deb package.   The source packages come with the binaries pre-compiled. 

Contact information

Sourceforge project page - please give bug reports and comments there.
Let us know what you think!  Email Chris or James directly with any comments and suggestions.

Copyright and stuff

Gkrellm Folding@Home Plugin
Copyright © 2003, 2004 Chris McRaven
Copyright © 2004, 2005 James Scott, Jr.
Thanks also goes to Tim Douglas for re-packaging the rpms for Debian .

Last Updated: 2005-10-31
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